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On top of the fridge, right where you left them...

Happy Update! Gold Ring Found
Hero in blueStarlight Rodney
I found the gold ring. Here's the story.

I have a messy apartment. Piles of things. Partly because I moved from a 3-bedroom house to a studio apartment, partly because I have some hoarder characteristics.

After much fruitless hunting, I decided to use a method I read about in this community. I closed my eyes and turned in a circle several times until I felt like stopping (don't get dizzy). Then, I raised an arm and pointed. Then opened eyes. It was interesting that I wasn't looking in the direction that I thought I would be. I did a superficial look at where I was pointing, but found nothing.

A couple of days later, I was fussing with things in the same spot and the box with the ring Popped out from under some papers. I would have found it after the pointing if I had done a little deeper search.

Thank you for helping me. Getting a couple of comments and suggestions helped keep me going. And, thanks to whoever posted about the point method. It gives me more confidence in my sub-conscious knowledge and intuition.

Epilog: I gave the woman who bought the ring on eBay an extra discount for her wait time. Unfortunately, she returned it and it's still for sale.

Gold Ring misplaced
Hero in blueStarlight Rodney
HELP! Anyone still there?

I'm selling a few things at eBay. I just sold an 18k yellow gold small band ring. And now, I can't find it. I really want to complete the sale.

I usually keep it in a black ring box with a couple other things. I can remember shining it up with polish and taking a few new pictures of it. The pics were taken out in the hall, under a skylight. The polishing could have been done at home or at my son's house.

I have spent hours searching my apartment.

Ideas or intuitions anyone?

I thought this was appropriate

(no subject)
my step dad can't find his anti-anxiety meds. he normally keeps them in one of the drawers in the kitchen. he noticed it was missing this morning, and the last time he used it was sunday evening. he where could it be?! it's in a standard prescription pill bottle.
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Two, little, fscking cards!!
Desperate times call for desperate measures. I've seem to have lost two very important cards. The first one is my foods stamps card. This one I'm not too worried about because the company told me that they were going to be sending me a new one since mine is the old and busted, outdated version.Read moreCollapse )

Camcorder out of focus
I lose things pretty quickly, (I live in a bombsite of a place, it's easily done) but this time I don't have the opportunity to hang around and wait until said missing item suddenly turns up again. I've been asked to film the children's nativity and christingle service but need to buy some new kit in order to make this happen. Problem is, I want to use my best camera for the job- an old panasonic one- not just a handicam, and I can't get what I want 100% compatible without double checking the camera's number first (I think I know it,but it's a lot of money to be wrong! And anyway if I don't find the camera I won't be able to film with it).

So I'm asking for help. I had it about two months ago where it sat next to my computer with its old batteries constantly on charge as I used it to transfer the tapes of a friend's wedding videos onto my computer for editing. Eventually I got fed up with it taking up space on my desk and moved it, realising at the time that I moved the camera but left the charger by the computer.

I've put the blessed thing Somewhere Safe. It's not in my camera bag or on the bookshelf. It's small but wide and silver.


(no subject)
So I had this folder, right? Full of student work - specifically about two inches of lab reports. I needed to do regrades, and before I headed off to my grandparents' for Thanksgiving, I took them out of my laptop bag, thinking 'there's no way I'm going to grade these things once I'm full of pie.'
Now I can't find the dratted things. So tell me, if you were an overworked professor procrastinating her grading, where would you have put it so you could find it when you decided to do it?
(Places I've checked: my office, my lab, my bag, my car, the fridge.)

Four little dishes....
I bought 4 saucers in my china pattern from eBay. I unpacked them in the kitchen where they sat on the counter for about 3 weeks or so, and they became part of the visual background. Now I can't find them. It's possible that either I "straightened up" in a hurry and stashed them somewhere, or my cleaning lady put them away for me. I've checked the 2 spots where the rest of the china is stored, and the cabinet immediately above the counter where they were. Suggestions?

(no subject)
Ugh, a few weeks ago I bought a nice little sweatervest from Salvation Army, to wear as part of a costume when I go see DH2 with one of my best friends forever. I washed it, dumped it unceremoniously onto an easy chair I have down here in the basement, and now that I'm looking for it, I can't bloody find it.

I've checked:
-all of my laundry baskets
-my closet and my dresser
-under and around the chair
-the laundry room

WHERE COULD IT BE, MY FRIENDS? I only have until Wednesday to find it, since I'm flying out to see her on Wednesday evening. If I don't find it today, though, I'll probably have to go out to try to buy another one instead, since I don't want to leave this until the last minute.

allergy medication
Panda Whut
Here's a good one. I bought Claritin on Saturday morning, had one dose with lunch that day, and forgot about it Sunday. All the shopping bags are unpacked. The Claritin was in a separate bag because I had to pay for it at the pharmacy, but I know I tucked it into a larger bag and brought it into my apartment because the bag the pharmacist put it in is on one of the shelves of my wall unit.

Where is it? Did the cat hide it in revenge for taking him to the vet Sunday morning? I could really use my meds since I need a clear voice for an audition tonight, so any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

Edit: Found it! In the bathroom under my new razor and shower gloves.
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